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Control and document product conformity requirements

This allows the diverse and complex requirements for product conformity to be managed efficiently

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CLC-PADD® Compliance+

This allows you to act in a compliant, legally compliant and efficient manner within the framework of your regulatory requirements.

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CLC-PADD® E-Invoice Starter

CLC-PADD® E-Invoice Starter for complete e-Invoicing including inbound and outbound processing

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S/4HANA consulting packages

How to keep an eye on important aspects of your S/4HANA transition

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SAP S/4HANA - Digital Case Transition

How to transfer digital processes to S/4HANA reliably and in a timely manner

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SAP S/4HANA - Business Document Transition

How to reliably transfer documents to S/4HANA

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Dynamic web application in SAP

The CLC-PADD® web application can be customized simply by configuration and without programming

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Database migration

Migration from legacy databases to the leading SAP system

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CLC Customer Magazine - Issue 3

New CLC magazine on digitalization: including future-proof solutions for the energy sector

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Digitize office processes

The challenges facing the energy industry are growing, as is the need for scalable solutions

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