CLC-PADD® PDF service

CLC-PADD® PDF service

Clever handling of PDF documents in SAP

Clever and convenient management of PDF documents on-premise and in the cloud - this works both through the convenient merging of PDF documents, simple export of application data and automatic conversion for long-term archiving.

CLC-PADD® PDF Service web application

The CLC-PADD® PDF Service web application, which can be easily integrated into existing SAP applications, is perfect for this. It enables the Editing and creating PDF documentsthat are required within various processes, such as an application process. By creating a Collection PDFs several documents can also be bundled into one file. A Table of contents is generated automatically, which refers to the sections of the respective PDFs. 

A Stamp as overlay is also possible, for example to mark a design. The convenient Export processes and forms can also be exported easily and clearly. These can be automatically combined into an "overview" in PDF and the created document can be processed directly in the process or displayed in the web browser - a real work facilitation.

Digital long-term archiving of PDF documents thanks to integrated PDF checker

Also included is the integrated PDF checker, which provides a Digital long-term archiving of PDF documents is of great importance. PDF documents can thus be automatically imported into the PDF/A-1b standard converted or according to the organization's internal validation profiles and the various PDF/A standards validated be created. This is the only way to ensure protected digital archiving of PDF documents - necessary, but easy to handle. In addition to the advantages mentioned above the PDF service can be integrated into almost any application. A usually manual, sometimes time-consuming export is completely eliminated and takes place automatically. The service also scores with a low-resource implementation without subsequent maintenance efforts.

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